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Relocating to a new culture is a move full of challenges. The assignee has to deal with settling in issues such as immigration, national ID number, tax cards, registration, insurance and housing. Let XKS handle the job, and your employee will be productive from day one!


Pre-visit: tailor-made on request

A pre-visit tour is often a good investment in order to avoid unrealistic expectations of the assignee and family. This will provide an idea of what to expect when accepting a job in Uzbekistan, a chance to see on-site what life will be like.

XKS provides tailor-made solutions, offering future assignees an orientation tour, as well as an overview of the country, city, lifestyle, culture and housing possibilities. We also organize visa support and hotel reservations for the period of the pre-visit.

A successful pre-visit will proved your company a better image as an employer and your candidate a more pleasant first experience in Tashkent.

Airport welcome/Departure Assistance

To ensure a warm welcome, XKS` staff representative can meet the assignee at the airport upon a pre-visit tour and/or a final move.

XKS will accompany the assignee to the new accommodation and provide as overview of the area, helping the expatriates to feel comfortable and improving their adoption process to Uzbekistan.

After all, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Settling in service

XKS help the assignee to settle in and to simplify the process, enabling then to be a more efficient resource from day one!

Temporary accommodation
We can arrange for temporary accommodation for duration of home finding and registration process or for a required time period. We work with selected group of providers to ensure quality, comfort and convenient location.

Utility connections
We will contact service companies, arrange for connection and invoicing for utilities: gas, electricity, and water.

Telephone, internet and cable TV connection assistance
Once we inform you of different offers from main providers, we can order the service package of your choice, and coordinate installation date/time based on client schedule.

Home finding

XKS range of home finding service will allow the assignee to quickly and confidently establish a new home in Tashkent.

-Our experienced team has the know-how to take care of everything and will support the assignee and family adjusting to the new environment, contributing to a successful assignment

- Provide general information about the rental market in Tashkent

- Identify and research suitable residential areas and prospects based on the requirements

- Make appointments and assist with viewings Negotiation of lease, explanation of terms, property take over, inventory and coordination of utilities.

Area orientation

Our experienced XKS staff will guide the assignee in the new neighborhood making him feel comfortable and at home much sooner.

Personal tailor-made orientation tours, are conducted to ensure the assignee and family settle as quickly as possible into the new community. Each program is tailored to meet individual needs, but it typically includes:

- Public transportation

- Food stores/shopping

- Bank and post office

- Healthcare (family doctor and dentist)

- Education (kindergartens, schools)

- Leisure and recreation facilities

School Assistance

The successful placement of children in a suitable Day care or school is important to the overall success of the moving process.

XKS will manage the needs and issues of each family until children are securely settled in the new school.

The service includes:

- Present the options available in Tashkent for the assignees.

- Visits to the most preferred schools and day cares.

Interpreting and Translations

1. Interpreting at meetings, workshops, conferences, negotiations English-Russian-English;

2. Translation of project documentations (reports, minutes, presentations, correspondence) English-Russian-English;

3. Translation of technical documentation English-Russian-English;

4. Translation of financial documentation (auditing reports, financial statements) English-Russian-English;


1. Visa Support; Ticket/Hotel Reservations;

2. Arrangement of CIP Hall at the airport;

3. Travel/ Itinerary support;

4. Arrangement of meetings, conferences, negotiations;

5. Providing premises for meetings, workshops, trainings;

6. Interpreting at the meetings, negotiations and trainings;

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