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I. Goals:

1. Promotion of Central Asia in Norway: Receiving Norwegian tourists in Uzbekistan;


2. Promotion of Norway as a tourist destination for Uzbekistan tourists;

II. Our Role:

1. Being a “link” between Norway and Uzbekistan, to bring two partners into business;


2. To guarantee the services to be provided will meet the requirements of European business standards and values;

III. Vision:

1. To develop tourism profitable for both countries; .

2. To help both countries discover each other;

IV. We offer:

1. Assistance in the search of a partner Travel agency;

2. Assistance in developing of commercial offers to a potential partner;

3. We will represent your interests to a potential partner Travel Agency;

4. Facilitation of the cooperation between two parties;

5. Support in adjusting tour programs of partner Travel agency upon your requirements;

6. We will act as a guarantor of clean business;

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